We offer a regional kitchen with products from Austria

Our kitchen offers you great food from our region at the best price.

If you looking for typical Styrian and Austrian food, you don't find a better restaurant than us.

To the meals we serve you the best wines of the region and after that you should try the homemade "Schnaps" or the homemade desserts.

Don't miss our great food and our fantastic wines!




  Home made soups

Beef soup with fine sliced pancakes 4,60
Beef soup with liver dumplings 4,60
Beef soup with meat strudel 4,60
Horseradish cream soup with little bacon dumpling 6,60


Home made salads

mixed salad 4,70

beatle bean salad 5,70


potaoe salad 4,70


green salad 4,50



We serve all our salads with styrian pumpkin seed oil and grape or apple vinegar.




Main course


  half of a baked styrian chicken 13,00

 Salad with baked chicken (pumkin and seed panade) 13,00
 Vienna Scallop from pork 

 with parsley potatoes and cranberry 11,90

 Cordon bleu filled with ham and cheese, 

 pommes frites and cranberry 13,50

 cheese “Spätzle” with fried onions 11,20

  Risotto from styrian pumkin
 with grilled prawn and foam of Riesling 18,70

 Grilled meet plate (chicken, beef, pork)

with grilled vegetables and two dips  16,10





2 pieces of Austrian pancakes filled


with apricot marmelade 6,90


1 pieces of Austrian pancakes filled


with ice cream 6,90
1 pieces of Austrian pancakes filled


Apple cake with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 6,90




Please, also ask about our daily fresh cakes, pies and strudels.



Familie Ferlinz & Robnik
Eckberg 22
A-8462 Gamlitz
Tel. +43 3453 2392